Inspired by our love of Arizona, we craft artisanal ales, lagers & locally-focused food fare while practicing low-impact, sustainable principles.

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Downtown Phoenix Beer Garden serving our AZ Wilderness ales, lagers, & locally-focused food + cocktails while practicing low-impact, sustainable principals.

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  • - 2012

    How a photograph became a beer

    Our founder Jonathan didn’t know it at the time, but his love for craft beer and Arizona were soon to combine and change his life forever. As he pursued a career in landscape photography, his sole mission to showcase his love for Arizona in each photograph. One fateful day while hiking, Jonathan crossed a sign signifying “Entering a Wilderness Area”. It clicked and he couldn’t stop thinking about that sign as he sipped a delicious craft beer after his hike. Soon after, Jonathan harnessed his passion and then took his idea to paper. Then began the quest to start Arizona Wilderness Brewing Co.

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  • - 2013


    Named Rate Beer’s Best New Brewery in the World

    Out of 2600 breweries which opened in 2013, Arizona Wilderness was ranked #1 by

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  • - 2014

    Pat touching the soil

    Crafting a difference

    We embraced the vast agricultural community of Arizona and adopted local first philosophies when creating our food and beer. We spread love state-wide and began our quest to find more ‘Arizona Grown’ items for our beer and our menu! Beyond that we formed partnerships with several charitable organizations such as the MS Society and the Eric Marsh Foundation to build a stronger community.

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  • - 2015


    Brewery Expansion

    As we experienced growing pains, we needed to brew more beer! We grew from a small 7bbl brewery to a 15bbl brewery with over 200 seats.. This growth was fundamental in our ability to support more local farms and craft bigger goals.

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  • - 2016


    Onto The World Stage

    As Craft Beer burgeoned, its popularity around the world began a meteoric rise. Invitation only beer fests became a regular place for us to tell our story of Arizona through every beer we shared. Along the way Patrick and Jonathan learned some valuable brewing techniques and a new, exciting culture to bring home to Arizona.

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  • - 2017


    Furthering Our Sustainability

    The mission became clear: To be a company with sustainability at its core. Sinagua Malt became the heart of every beer, and AZ Grass Raised Beef in every burger. A partnership began with Recycled City to turn our waste into usable soil via composting.

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  • - 2018


    The Woodnotes Cellar is born

    In our quest to create World-class beers, we needed more space to roam and Woodnotes Cellars gave us just that! This made crafting elegant oak aged, mixed culture beers at a high level possible.

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  • - 2019


    The DTPHX location takes root

    The Urban Wilderness is born. We found the perfect site in the perfect neighborhood as a new home for AZ Wilderness. The adaptive reuse project put us at the heart of the Roosevelt Row Arts District and allowed us to build Arizona’s first ever bird friendly beer garden.

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  • - 2020


    Navigating a Pandemic: Stay The Course

    This was the toughest year to navigate to date. Given the difficulties, we took great action to be a light in the darkness. Keeping our team intact was the most important goal. We launched an online beer shop and wholesale distribution to keep our brewers brewing and were even able to add jobs during the pandemic. Supporting our partners in the farming community, continuing our sustainable practices, and charitable causes were all made possible by YOU, the community.

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  • - 2021


    Becoming the change we seek in the world

    We are currently in the process of B corp certification. A comprehensive process which looks at our company top to bottom and analyzes our environmental and social impact. We already live the B corp mantra so why not make it official!

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