Arizona Wilderness Brewing Co. / Additional Sanitation Procedures for Covid-19

Additional Sanitation Procedures for COVID-19


  • Revised Seating: We have limited our seating options to keep approximately 6 feet between all dine-in customers.
  • Customer Flow: We have moved entrances and customer lines to maximize social distancing among customers and employees.
  • Health Evaluations: All employees are asked to confirm each shift that they feel unwell.  As always, all employees are immediately send home if feeling unwell.
  • Masks:   All employees are required to wear a face-covering mask at all times. Masks are available to customers who would like one.
  • Gloves & Hand Hygiene:  All employees must wear gloves at all times.  Gloves are disposed of, hands are washed, and a new pair of gloves are put on: (A) at least once every thirty minutes; (B) after using the restroom: (C) after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing, and (D) after taking out any trash.  
  • No cash.  We no longer accept cash as a form of payment. 
  • Service Processes:  We have adjusted service processes for our servers to limit interactions with guests and adjusted certain items to be delivered to each guest as opposed to communal use. 
  • Menus:  We will utilize paper menus which will be disposed of after each use.   
  • Retail Offerings:  We are limiting all guest handling of retail, merchandise, and togo offerings.  We are also not accepting returns – all sales are final.
  • Hand Sanitizer:  We have installed hand sanitizer dispensers in our dining rooms.
  • Increased Sanitation.  Our sanitization procedures include:
    • Sanitation Checks: Every 30 minutes, the following will be completed:
      • Restroom Checks: 
        • Sanitizing all door handles (on inside and outside of restroom); 
        • Checking and stocking soap dispensers, paper towel holders, and toilet paper; 
        • Cleaning any lingering debris on the floor;
        • Taking out trash as needed; 
        • Wiping down all sinks and frequently used areas with sanitizer.
      • Handwashing & Glove Replacement:  All employees must stop service, dispose of their current gloves, wash hands for at least 20 seconds with soap, and put on new gloves.
      • Sanitize work areas:  Each position is responsible for sanitizing its own work area, including:
        • POS & Food Delivery Terminals;
        • Phones;
        • Server Stations;
        • Expo Station;
        • Bar tops;
        • Kitchen work areas;
        • All door handles.
    • Service Items:  All reusable service items touched by customers are sanitized after each use, including pens and check presenters.
    • Nightly janitorial service utilizing bleach to disinfect.
  • Increased Equipment Maintenance:
    • Preventative maintenance and cleaning of HVAC, ice machines, and kitchen equipment prior to reopening.
    • All cutting boards have been resurfaced to minimize possibility for cross-contamination.
    • All draft lines and couplers have been cleaned and sanitized.
    • All glassware has been cleaned and sanitized.
    • Dish machines have preventative maintenance and are tested to ensure sanitation compliance.
    • Conduct regular professional pressure washing and window cleaning.
  • Employee Training:  All employees are thoroughly trained on the new policies and procedures prior to commencing service.  Employees are required to be certified in food safety and responsible alcohol service.
  • Customer screening:  We reserve the right to not allow any customer on property who is exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 (fever, cough, shortness of breath).

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