Agave-based spirits like tequila and mezcal can be tricky, but with the right touch you can create cocktails that are as beautiful and memorable as they are boozy.

During this hour-long seminar, Arizona Wilderness DTPHX cocktail program manager Caleb West will teach you to balance flavors and create special ingredients like tinctures and flavored syrups to build agave cocktails that’ll have anyone who tastes them asking for your autograph.

Attendees will each receive two cocktails as well as tasting pours of various spirits and ingredients.

Join us after class for a complementary mezcal tasting and overview of agave conservation efforts in Arizona and Mexico, courtesy of Compa Spirits.

Proceeds help supportĀ Agaves for Bats, a collaboration between the Borderlands Restoration Network and Bat Conservation International that helps restore agave plants in the southwest U.S. and northern Mexico.