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Cocktails + Liquor

Cocktails + Liquor

Water You Waiting For?
Local Watermelon from Hauser farms, Blue Clover Vodka with lime, agave and garnished with dehydrated watermelon and mint.
Shaka Mahalo (Frozen)
Plantation Pineapple Rum : Pierre Fernand Orange Curaçao : Blue Spirulina infused Coconut Syrup : Pineapple : Lime : Black Hawaiian Sea Salt
Strawberry Jalapeño Margarita
Arizona strawberry infused Blanco Tequila : Pierre Ferrnad Dry Curaçao : Agave Syrup : Lime Chili Citrus Salt Rim
Sonora Sunset : Prickly Pear Margarita
Arette Blanco Tequila : Orange Curaçao : Lime : Prickly Pear infused Agave : Black Hawaiian Sea Salt
Bloody Mary
Our take on the classic brunch cocktail is 100% vegan. If that's not your thing add a piece of bacon for $1.


Tapped Less Recently But Still Awesome

Bare Truth
Sour - Flanders Oud Bruin | 8.3%
Infused with Arizona-grown pecans, this sweet-tart dark ale is finished in maple syrup bourbon barrels for a flavor that swirls with tart cherries and ground nuts before a smooth, dessertlike finish.
Cactus Juice
Sour - Fruited | 4.5%
Inspired by the juice of the Arizona desert, this beer features locally grown prickly pear juice from Cactus Ranch and hibiscus tea from Tea Royalty. It’s foeder fermented and absolutely crushable.
Camino Del Diablo
IPA - American | 6.5%
Inspired by San Diego’s old-school West Coast IPAs, this beer features crisp and clean notes of orange and tangerine from Amarillo, Centennial & Mandarina Bavaria hops.
Camp Light
Lager - American Light | 4.2%
With the in-tent (get it?) of creating the world's most crushable camping beer, we designed this light lager to be crisp, dry, and refreshing.
Cold Touch
IPA - Cold | 6.0%
This cool creation combines the bold citrus-and-pine hoppiness of an IPA with the straightforward malt flavor and clean finish of a lager. It’s like an IPA…but colder.
Don't F#%k It Up
Blonde Ale | 5.5%
There's one big rule you should follow when enjoying our public lands: Leave No Trace. Or, as we prefer to say it: Don't F#%k It Up. Floral and dry with fresh honey aromatics from the addition of Rango Honey, DFIU is complex yet crushable.
Dirty Hop Water: Instant Crush
IPA - Triple New England / Hazy | 10.6%
Every sip of this extremely strong, extremely juicy IPA will cause your brain to randomly access memories of biting into juicy chunks of tangerine, mango, pineapple and cherry. You’d have to be a daft punk not to love it.
Every Day Is Earth Day
IPA - Imperial / Double New England / Hazy | 8.4%
Earth Day comes just once a year, but protecting the planet is a year-round job. Brewed with Citra, Motueka, Sabro, and Strata hops + water-saving Sinagua Malt, this juicy DIPA is a tasty reminder to live every day like it’s Earth Day.
Hanging Gardens
Stout - Other | 9.0%
Much like the hanging gardens found deep in the West Clear Creek Wilderness, this tropical stout is a hidden gem. It features HBC 472, Amarillo, and Citra hops for bold tropical fruit flavors blended with notes of sweetened coffee and toast.
La Ciudad
IPA - New England / Hazy | 6.4%
Brewed with Citra and Mosaic hops, this hazy IPA celebrates Downtown Phoenix’s cultural heritage and brings the wilderness to Arizona’s urban center.
On the Rocks
Strong Ale - Other | 10.5%
Brewed to mimic the flavor of an Old Fashioned, this strong, malty ale was spiked with orange peel and aged 6 months inside freshly emptied barrels from our friends at Whiskey Del Bac in Tucson.
Picture Day
Lager - American | 5.0%
The final requirement of any collaboration brew day: posing for pictures. This dry, crushable lager brewed with unmalted Oaxacan white corn is a collaboration with Dark Sky Brewing Co. out of Flagstaff.
IPA - American | 6.8%
Our flagship IPA born in our founder's garage. This beer has evolved over the years into a perfectly balanced IPA w/ 100% Sinagua Malt base and citrus forward American hops.
Small Batch Series: Shaka Bro
IPA - American | 6.2%
Concocted by our packaging technician, Dej, this West Coast IPA is bright and bitter, with an abundance of New Zealand Wakatu hops for flavors of tree blossoms and zested limes.
Terra Incognita
Sour Session IPA | 5.5%
An experiment in mingling different styles, this sour session IPA was fermented in American oak foeders with hazy IPA yeast and our house lactobacillus bacteria blend. It combines the hop character of an IPA with the funk and acidic punch of a saison.
This Beer Saves Water
Pale Ale - American | 5.0%
Brewed with water-saving Sinagua Malt and drought-resistant Zappa and Sabro hops, This Beer Saves Water is the clearest expression of our mission to preserve and protect our environment. Every pint helps offset more than 50 gallons of water for Arizona’s waterways.
Watermelon Gose
Sour - Fruited Gose | 4.8%
A juicy slice of watermelon, a sprinkle of salt: Salted watermelon has been a Southern staple for centuries. Using thousands of pounds of Arizona-grown melons, we’ve turned the South’s most refreshing summer snack into Arizona’s most refreshing summer beer.

American Presidential Stout
Stout - Russian Imperial | 11.5%
Russian Imperial stout bursting with chocolate and coffee including Papa New Guinea cacao nibs and a subtle heat from the addition of AZ grown peppers.
Barrel-Aged American Presidential Stout
Stout - Russian Imperial | 11.0%
The barrel-aged version of our American Presidential Russian imperial stout with cacao nibs (Zak’s Chocolate) and chilies (Rhiba Farms). Big notes of bourbon, coconut, vanilla, oak, and chocolate ease into a subdued spice.
Cactus Juice
Sour - Fruited | 4.5%
Inspired by the juice of the Arizona desert, this beer features locally grown prickly pear juice from Cactus Ranch and hibiscus tea from Tea Royalty. It’s foeder fermented and absolutely crushable.
La Ciudad
IPA - New England / Hazy | 6.4%
Brewed in celebration of Downtown Phoenix’s cultural heritage, bringing the wilderness to Arizona’s urban center. A hazy IPA showcasing Citra and Mosaic hops.
Sour - Smoothie / Pastry | 7.0%
Made with lactose, vanilla beans, and juice/peels from 1400 pounds of Arizona sweet oranges, Puffy's a decadent dessert sour with flavors of orange paletas dipped in sweet cream, and a body that's soft and comforting as a puffy jacket.

Wilderness-Inspired Cocktails

Frosé [FROZEN]
Local Rosé wine from Dos Cabezas gets blended with house juiced grapefruits and a rosemary simple syrup to create the perfect frozen summer cocktail!
Coco Lemon [FROZEN]
This frozen cocktail uses fresh Agritopia Farm lemon juice, house-made coconut syrup, Kalani Coconut Liqueur and local Blue Clover Vodka.
Daisy De Sandia
Local Hauser & Hauser grown watermelon is the heart of this cocktail, balanced by mellow Arette Reposado Tequila, earthy sage syrup, and tart lime juice, that all combine for a super refreshing summer sipper.
New Fashioned
This Old Fashioned flexes with AZ pride. Whiskey Del Bac Classic Single Malt, Blue Clover singed orange bitters, Prickly Pear nectar from AZ Cactus Ranch in Tucson, Demerara sugar, orange, and lemon.
Pinkies Up
Refreshing riff on an Aperol Spritz, this cocktail features Blue Clover Gin, Dos Cabezas Pink wine, Iconic Bitter Orange Tonic, and Grapefruit Topo Chico. Refresh your palette with this citrusy, effervescent spritz.
Pueblo Paloma
Del Bac Old Pueblo Whiskey, Grapefruit, Lime, and a house-made grapefruit cordial. Spritzy with touches of citrusy freshness and Southwestern smoke.
Tequila Sunrise
Riffing on the popular Tequila Sunrise classic, our Tequila Sunrise features Hacienda De Tepa Reposado Tequila, Gran Ponche Mexicano, super orange cordial, orange juice, lemon juice, and fennel bitters..
Blue Clover Vodka, Big Marble Ginger Beer, and Fresh Lime. If Vodka isn't your liquor of choice, upgrade to one of our other locally sourced spirits.
Libelula Joven Tequila, Curacao, Mesquite Honey Syrup, Lime, and house-made Salted Lime Cordial. Spice it up with a shot of Iconic's Prickly Pear mixer for a tart AZ twist.

Arizona Cocktail Mixers

Iconic Cocktail Co. Lime Leaf Tonic
Iconic Cocktail Co. Meyer Lemon Balm
Iconic Cocktail Co. Prickly Pear
Shrubwell Cucumber Ginger Rose
Shrubwell Pineapple Tamarind Ancho

Ciders + Wine

Stoic Cider Adventure Peach
Take your taste buds on an adventure with this dry cider made with fresh peach juice. Discover the tart delicate taste of sun-ripened fruit. Best enjoyed outdoors.
Stoic Cider Javelina Rosé
Notes of raspberry, cherry, cranberry, and green apple. This blend of apple and grape wines is delicate and balanced (like a Javelina) and a perfect complement to a sunny patio (unlike a Javelina). Ruby colored and lightly sweet, this fruity rosé pairs well with a stubborn personality and a thick skull.
Stoic Cider Prickly Pear
Tart heirloom apples blended with locally grown, hand-picked Arizona prickly pear fruit. This magenta colored cider has notes of green apple and tropical fruit.
Superstition Blueberry Spaceship Box
Blueberry Spaceship Box, the top rated hard cider in the world, has been poured on tap from Thailand to Copenhagen, at festivals from California to Florida, and now you can have it in your living room. If you have never tried Blueberry Spaceship Box, it is a spectacular blend of sweet and tart, of apple and blueberry, and it is at home when served as a bubbly apéritif or paired with anything from the grill.
Page Springs Cellars La Flor Rosé
Page Springs has been making dry, European-style rosés since we first opened our doors. We are firm believers that pink wines have been wrongfully maligned in our country due to the visual association with the similarly colored sweet wines (the name of which we shall not utter here). So…we are here to restore your faith in these elegant, refreshing wines and can only suggest that you drink them chilled on a warm summer day or enjoy them with oysters, sushi or even a salad.
Page Springs Cellars Mule's Mistake
The “Mule’s” has taken on a life of its own and has grown well beyond the humble origins of a mere mistake. Nowadays, we think of Mule’s as PSC’s Pinot stand in: red fruit driven, light to medium bodied and infinitely drinkable. As Mule’s has evolved, so has our approach to crafting it. Now in its tenth year as an Arizona blend, all of the juiciness and bright red fruits you’ve come to love combine as a light, refreshing summer drinker. Hopefully it’ll have you shouting: "long live the Mule!"
Page Springs Cellars Vino Del Barrio Blanca
The neighborhood's white wine! What could be better than an afternoon in the town square overlooking the community's vineyards, playing chess with a close friend, listening to the children playing, the dogs barking and the old folks reminiscing? Only one thing...all these things with a glass of cold, tasty, white wine.
Page Springs Cellars Vino Del Barrio Rojo
“Vino del Barrio is a testament to the art of winemaking: blending. Reserve wines and vineyard designates pretty much make themselves: we taste through barrels and simply pull out the best ones. Bigger blends like the Barrio are often made up of several varietals. They are much more complex and require more thought and effort on the winemaker's part. Like all challenges, the process of crafting a harmonious and complex whole from several parts, is satisfying for us and hopefully for you to.”

Frozen Drinks

Pumpkin Chai
We made a boozy, frozen version of a popular, fall classic! It contains Chai-spiced Blue Clover Vodka, Pumpkins from Mortimer Farms, Demerara rum, cold-brewed black tea, oat milk, coconut whipped cream, and nutmeg. $12
Grapefruit Rosemary Frosé is an Arizona Wilderness take on the trendy, summer adult slushie featuring AZ-grown grapefruit and rosemary grown right in our garden. Fruit forward and easy drinking, one might say this cocktail has high “crushability” -- and being lower in ABV, lends itself to doing just that. $8