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Jon Pat Canyon

How a photograph became a beer.

Our founder Jonathan didn’t know it at the time, but his love for craft beer and Arizona were soon to combine and change his life forever. As he pursued a career in landscape photography, his sole mission to showcase his love for Arizona  in each photograph. One fateful day while hiking, Jonathan crossed a sign signifying “Entering a Wilderness Area”. It clicked and he couldn’t stop thinking about that sign as he sipped a delicious craft beer after his hike. Soon after, Jonathan harnessed his passion and then took his idea to paper.  Then began the quest to start Arizona Wilderness Brewing Co.

Along came a brewmaster.

Patrick Ware was already 5 years into his journey as a craft brewer when he began dreaming of opening his own brewery. He had developed the skills of a professional brewer and just needed a business plan to make his dream happen. Turns out, that isn’t that easy to do when you’re brewing all of the time!  Once he met Jonathan, and they had shared a few beers together of course, it made sense to combine their skills and passion into one, bold dream. They went on a hike to that very sign which changed Jonathan’s life, and the name Arizona Wilderness Brewing Co. was born.

Jonathan and Patrick