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Arizona Wilderness Brewing Co. / Cellar Person (Brewery)
  • Gilbert, AZ Brewpub
  • Gilbert, AZ

Arizona Wilderness Brewing Company is looking for an experienced, talented, and ambitious Cellar Person to join our team in Gilbert, Arizona.

The ideal candidate for this position will have a strong knowledge of the industry and beer production. In addition, the right candidate should be able to assist in all parts of the brewing operation from raw ingredient handling and organization, keg washing, cellar work, yeast handling, tank cleaning and sanitizing, kegging and packaging of beer in cans and bottles, as well as a strong mechanical aptitude and leadership skills.

The right individual will possess exceptional attention to detail and cleanliness, be able to balance multiple projects throughout any given shift with good record keeping, and have a strong palate with a confident understanding of flavor, aroma, and beer sensory science.

Please see below for further details.

Job Summary: 

This person assists and supports brewery operations across all aspects of brewing and packaging processes. This includes but is not limited to fermentation management, beer transfers, packaging in cans, bottles and kegs, carbonating, monitoring inventories, as well as general upkeep of the brewery. This job requires a high-energy individual comfortable with balancing multiple tasks, high attention to detail, and an ability to thrive in a fast-paced, dynamic environment. Must also have a focus on workplace safety at all times. 

Essential Duties and Responsibilities (Cellar Specific): 

  • Assist in day-to-day brewery operations 
  • Assist in brewery cellars, brewhouse, and packaging area 
  • Monitor fermentations by reading and logging gravities, dissolved oxygen, pH and temperature of beer daily 
  • CIP of small parts regularly 
  • CIP of fermentors/bright tanks 
  • Crash tanks, dry hop tanks, dump yeast, and transfer beer from FV to BT 
  • Assist with maintenance and overall cleanliness of entire brewery 
  • Support restaurant staff as needed 
  • Carbonate beer to desired level before tapping and packaging 
  • Represent the company at events, festivals and promotions 
  • Represent the company in a professional manner at all times 
  • Receive and process local ingredients for beer applications 

Essential Duties and Responsibilities (Packaging Specific): 

  • Assist with canning line and bottling operation 
  • Monitor carbonation and dissolved oxygen during packaging runs 
  • Operate and maintain all kegging equipment 
  • Keep and maintain packaging records 
  • Keep and maintain shipping records 
  • Prepare orders and load freight trucks 
  • Kegging, canning, and bottling CIP 
  • Clean brewery facilities on a regular basis 
  • Recognize low fills and improperly filled packaged product 

Experience, Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities Required: 

  • Absolute passion for brewing and beer production 
  • High-quality work standards with and without direct supervision 
  • Abide by proper and safe operations of every task and follow all safety rules 
  • Ability to lift 55 lbs. to shoulder height repeatedly 
  • Ability to stand for long periods of time, bend, reach, stoop, lift up to 170 lbs. with assistance and perform repetitive motions without issue 
  • Encourage and maintain a positive attitude at all times 
  • Desire to learn, grow, and take on increased responsibility 
  • Forklift operation 
  • Adapt to changes in brewing, packaging and production schedules 
  • Ensure preventative maintenance procedures occur accurately and routinely 
  • Report, repair, adjust and replace defective machine parts 

This is a full-time hourly position with a competitive pay based on experience. Benefits include beer and food allowance, health care, dental and vision, quarterly bonus pay, and paid time-off.

About Arizona Wilderness Brewing Company
Arizona Wilderness Brewing Company opened in 2013 as a small brewpub in Gilbert, AZ. This past year the company opened an off-site wood facility and downtown Phoenix beer garden and further increased the production and reach of our Arizona-centric beer. The passion of the brewery stems from the owner’s exploration of the beautiful and diverse state of Arizona. The brewery regularly works with local farmers and occasionally forages for ingredients throughout the year to create unique, artfully crafted beers that highlight local agricultural products and support sustainable practices. Naturalism and conservation are central tenets of the brewery!

Applications will be accepted through September 29th. We look forward to hearing from you!

To apply for this job please visit docs.google.com.