Episode 1

The Journey of Wilderness


We initially recorded Episode 1 on March 12th. We all know life has been flipped upside down ever since so we found it appropriate to redo this episode to ensure we convey the reality of the situation. The excitement we feel to share the voices of so many who inspire us is off the charts. In this episode we talk about how COVID-19 has changed what we do at Arizona Wilderness Brewing as well as our aspirations for this show.

Episode 2

Comedian Jill Kimmel


Jill Kimmel can make anyone (man, woman, child, animal) double over in laughter. Growing up in a family of funny people Jill has put the time and work in to get to where she is today. But this was not always her path. It took her a long time to realize that comedy is where it is for her but once she did she hit it full force. Since 2006 she has been touring the world making people laugh as well as using her talents to help raise awareness and funds for those in need.

Episode 3

Documentary Filmmaker Darwin of Outdoor Evolution


Some people know exactly what they want to do with their lives from a very early age. Others can take much longer to figure out their path. Growing up in a restaurant family Darwin of Outdoor Evolution explored many options outside of the food and beverage industry but nothing seemed to be “the one”. However, a little push from his wife to stopping overthinking spawned him into the “Human Powered Adventure” that he current exists in.

Episode 4

James Beard Award-winning Chef Chris Bianco


When was the last time you made pizza with Billy Crystal on national television?  In 2017 Chris Bianco of Pizzeria Bianco in Downtown Phoenix was on Jimmy Kimmel Live and the world got a glimpse into the world of a world class pizza maker. However, Chris has been cooking amazing food for decades and won the James Beard Award in 2003 for the Best Southwest Chef, making him the only pizza maker to win a regional award. Chris is a fountain of stories and quite the wordsmith.

Episode 5

Food Network Star Jeff Kraus


When your city designates a day in your honor you’re doing something right. Every August 9th the city of Tempe Arizona celebrates “Jeff Kraus Day”. A Food Network star and all around amazing human, Jeff joins us in this episode to talk about his recent adventure on the Food Network hit “Vegas Chef Prizefight”. We also dive into what continues to drive him to get better and better.

Episode 6

Rick Burch of Jimmy Eat World


Rick Burch has seen the world. The bassist for rock favorites Jimmy Eat World, Rick has seen first hand the power of humans and our ability to persevere. You don’t continue to be relevant and successful for nearly 30 years without grit and strategic agility. What struck us most in our conversation with Rick was not the concern he has for himself but rather all the people who help to create the environment where he can do what he truly love. Enjoy this conversation with Rick Burch from Jimmy Eat World.

Episode 7

David Walker from Firestone Walker Brewing Company


To some David Walker is simply known as “The Lion”. His company Firestone Walker Brewing Company has continually been at the top of the craft beer industry. David believes craft will never die. Craft is bigger than the people. Craft is a culture and what David and his team have done for the food and beverage culture will be written in the books as a cornerstone. Enjoy this conversation with Firestone Walker founder David Walker.

Episode 8

Vinnie Cilurzo of Russian River Brewing Company


If you’ve ever enjoyed a Double IPA then you have Vinnie Cilurzo to praise for that. Creator of the legendary beer Pliny the Elder from Russian River Brewing Company owner Vinnie Chilruzo is a tastemaker on every level. His focus on the bigger picture of taste has kept him and his team on the forefront of food and beverage in the US. Vinnie also values the human connection and taking care of others. Enjoy our conversation with Vinnie Cilurzo.

Episode 9

Drummer Jon “Charn” Rice of Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats


Jon “Charn” Rice of Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats joins us to discuss his journey of being the one of the most proficient drummers in rock ‘n’ roll today. From gigging with the likes of Behemoth, 1349, Skeletonwitch and Austrian Death Machine, he’s got a few road stories to share. Jon’s an avid craft beer geek to boot so we shoot the shit about the beer industry as well. We get into the fact that he can’t wait for shit to get back to normal so he can get back to touring!

Episode 10

Jeff Stuffings of Jester King Brewery

Imagine making the decision to start a brewery which is notoriously challenging in itself. But there’s a catch: you only create farmhouse ales and barrel-aged wild ales. In a craft beer world where IPA’s and heavy stouts rule, Jester King Brewery in Austin, Texas forged their own path and found great success in the process. Today we talk with founder Jeff Stuffings to discuss his journey from a career in law to being one of the most respected spontaneous fermentation breweries in the world.

Check out the vid of Jon singing in the steam HERE

Episode 11

Professional NFL player AQ Shipley

For over a decade former Arizona Cardinals starting center and current NFL free agent AQ Shipley has made a living in one of the most physically taxing jobs in the world. However, as you’ll hear in our conversation with him there is more to it than just football. AQ is an epicure and a phenomenal home chef. He talks about the other side of life for professional athletes: the hobbies, the future aspirations, the other interests beyond the game. Enjoy this episode with AQ Shipley.

Episode 12

Designer and Renaissance Man Matt Booth of Room 101

As a teenager Matt Booth knew he was not going down a positive path. After some self-reflection he decided that the structure of the United States Marine Corps might be what he needed. Just a few days later he was shipping out to complete his basic training. Now, years later Matt is a highly respected and successful jewelry designer who makes each piece by hand. Recently he has delved into the gin and cigar worlds as well. We are interested to see what is next for Matt and his company Room 101.

Episode 13

Water Warrior Kim Schonek from The Nature Conservancy

It all began with a canoeing trip down the Verde River. Or, as you’ll hear in this episode, more like a canoe carrying adventure. Kim Schonek and friends planned on having an adventure along the river but the water level was so low in many places that her and her friend had to carry their canoes for miles. This sparked a fire in Kim, who is a conservationist by heart and career, so she work to help form Sinagua Malt to help conserve river flow as well as provide locally grown grain to Arizona breweries.

Episode 14

Former Arizona Cardinals Captain Jared Veldheer

At 6 feet 8 inches tall and a fit 300 pounds you’d think that Jared Veldheer was destined for the NFL from day one. However, going into college a career in medicine was his most likely path. But then he got bigger and stronger. Much stronger. Now, over a decade later he has been a starter and captain playing one of the most difficult positions in football, left tackle. A model player both on and off the field Jared is the type of person every NFL team needs. Enjoy our conversation with Jared Veldheer.

Episode 15

Rock Guitarist Kyle Shutt from The Sword

Many of us have spent countless hours fantasizing about shredding on stage in front of thousands of rabid fans. Kyle Shutt lives that life. The dude even has his own signature guitar. An artist by heart Kyle is one of the most respected and guitarists in the rock game. He can even count the likes of Lars Ulrich to his fan base. Hear him to tell this story along with how he and his peers are dealing with these uncertain times. Enjoy this episode with guitarist Kyle Shutt of The Sword.

Episode 16

The Man With The Dream Job, Zane Lamprey

Imagine traveling and imbibing in the best of what the world has to offer. On top of that you have a camera crew with you creating some of the best content that paved the way for travel food shows. To many, Zane Lamprey has locked down the bet gig on the planet. And what can we say…he does! What’s most impressive is that he’s done it for decades and continues to take strides to evolve his brand and impact. Its always a great time talking with him so we hope you enjoy this episode with Zane Lamprey.





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